Ghost Synonymous

Crumbs of light scattered against the night and silence swept the barren roads like hurried whispers.

The smudge of her dark lipstick on the crook of his mouth resembled the subtle spot the moon made in the condemned sky. The touch of her slender fingers echoed on the skin of his arms, crawling with goose bumps.

Saturated dark clouds breathed away the alien stars, leaving the night brooding and aching. His sentiments corresponded.

The memory of the click of her geranium red heels were synced with the watch on his wrist. He searched the gaping distance for signs of her evasion and his conscience returned devoid of any clue.

It was as if she sublimated into the mist like dry ice.

He looked up and caught a stray shooting star. The clouds relieved their burden upon the parched ground.

Her coaxing words, like dandelions enraptured in the breeze, lost themselves in the labyrinth of his addled mind. The raindrops burned into the lacerations her nails left behind.

The cold water fused with his slowly clotting blood.