a friend’s eyes, bloodshot and dry
embracing his body of ashes – I was Death.
a floating, disintegrating head or a constant cry
no pills to curb the hunger –
these are my nights

I keep my windows shut because the wind screams at me
broken mirrors to kill the reflections which may be
deaf and blind – all my lies –
I live alone, but not quite

dinner was a couple of cigarettes and a bottle of rum as I slid into darkness

awoken with a soft ruffle on my bedsheet, I saw
a figure in chalk sitting beside me –
dark long hair falling from her stooped head –
stirring slowly, she looked up and smiled
abruptly jerked her head down and rose
with pupils gone white and her expression grim,
she opened her mouth and let out a shriek
parted her hair and came close to me
horrified, I watched, as she jumped on my chest
bent down and scratched my face again
then laughed hysterically, malevolently,
my lover kissed me on the lips
took out a knife, stabbed me a hundred times
wailed into the night and vanished

as I jerked back to life
drenched in sweat and something red,
I woke up to die.